The Essence of Authenticity

If we want to truly enjoy what nature and tradition have perfected, we must recognize that nature sets the rules. This should be understood by anyone who wants true authenticity in a product. This is the essence of the Tierra Callada philosophy in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) elaboration: a process which strives for excellence and honesty every step of the way.

Raw material

At Tierra Callada we want to give people the experience of enjoying an extra virgin olive oil that is what it claims to be. An EVOO that is truly excellent, made carefully, and that should be savoured.

Picual and Arbequina olives, early harvest

Our early harvest Spanish EVOO is made from Picual and Arbequina olives grown in the region of Las Villas in the very heart of Jaén (Andalusia).

Las Villas is located in the heart of Jaen, a province of Spain responsible for the 25% of the world´s production of olive oil. This epicenter of the olive culture also stands out for having two jewels of the Andalusian Renaissance: the cities of Ubeda and Baeza, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Tierra Callada EVOO comes from the small town of Mogón, in the foothill of Sierra de las Villas.

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Olives are harvested before the ripeness and on the tree, exactly when their flavor is most powerful and the fruitiness aromas are at a peak. This ensures that Tierra Callada captures the perfect balance of flavours most faithful to olives.


All olives, provided they are healthy and harvested at the right time, have the potential to become excellent olive oil. At Tierra Callada our commitment is to capitalize on that original virtue. Ensuring a perfect transition from fruit to juice.

Harvesting at the right time

Every year nature imposes its own timings that determine when the olives are ready to be harvested. We usually collect late October for Temprano EVOO and November for Envero EVOO and Arbequina EVOO.


Within 24 hours of harvest, the olives are turned into oil at the mill, where timing and temperature are fundamental.


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