Arbequina Olive Oil - Delicate - 8.5 fl oz

Sweet and kind profile, suitable for all audiences

  • Mild, fruity and elegant extra virgin olive oil - Arbequina variety
  • Healthiest substitution for butter in baking recipes, ads a hint of banana and apple
  • Ideal on subtle and delicate recipes: dressing fish, elaborating a mayonnaise, soft cheeses, etc.
  • Cold extraction and harvested in November from half green half ripe olives

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Extracted from arbequina olives collected when the olive is half way on the ripening process, usually through the month of November. Tierra Callada Arbequina has ripe and green character, resulting into a delicate medium intensity sweet oil. You will recognize immediately ripe banana, honey and apple when you smell it. In the mouth you can find a hint of green grass, and a really slightly spicy and even lees bitter.

Keeping in mind this sweet and “kind” profile you can use it raw, give or take, in anything you want. Also, for cooking, the best option would be bakery as a healthy substitute of saturated fats (yes, talking about butter…). It gives that mild fruit flavor without any bitterness.

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