How does Loyalty and Referral program work?

This program is our way to show gratitude and allow you to get rewards when you buy on, or sponsor, our Tierra Callada store.

With the rewards earned, you can use it to:

  • Pay for your orders
  • Convert into voucher codes 

Let´s dig in.

Loyalty Program AKA 3% money back

You buy from us, we give you money back. As simple as this: you will get a 3% back of all the purchases you make. No need special enrollment, minimum orders... just create an account with us (if you do not already have it). Get rewards on each order and use them to buy in our place.

You will have 6 months (183 days) since the moment you earned them until your rewards expire. Don't worry, we will let you know when your reward are about to expire.

You can always monitor your reward info going to your account and clicking in my rewards or in loyalty program.

Referral program AKA Get 10$ and give another 10$ to a friend. No limits!

When you like a product you want to share it... With our referral program it could not be easier:  you give 10$ off to your friend and get another 10$ for you when they make their first order.  No limits... They do not have to be even friends! For sure they will, after using the discount and try the product though...


How many friends can I refer? As much as you want: each one of them making a purchase will give you 10$.

How can I use the rewards? You can convert the reward in a voucher in my rewards area to be used to checkout your shopping cart.

How can I refer my friends? Go to my referral program. There you will find several ways:

  • Sharing sponsored URL via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.
  • Displaying sponsor banner on your blog, forum, website, etc. 
  • Sharing your sponsor code so your friends can enter this code when registering a new account on our store.
  • Creating and sharing a voucher.
  • Displaying a referral/sponsorship promotion popup

How can I give the 10$ to my friend? When a friend creates and account following any of the previously commented ways he will automatically get the 10$ reward during the checkout.

Find more info at my referral program and of course let us know any problem or question!


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