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Temprano olive oil - Intense - 16.9 fl oz bottle

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Average rating: 9.3/10 Number of reviews: 21

Strong personality for an outstanding oil

Intense, robust and complex extra virgin olive oil - Picual variety

Healthy properties: high polyphenol (antioxidant) and oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory) content, plus 80% monounsaturated fats

Perfect for dressing recipes with just a few ingredients. Amazing finishing warm dishes: pasta, meat, vegetables...

Cold extraction and early harvested in October from green olives

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Temprano in Spanish means early. This EVOO is extracted from Picual olives harvested when the fruit is still green, normally the last days of October. Green notes and complex personality for a spectacular fruitiness: fresh, clean and bright. Its bitterness talks about the high levels of polyphenols picual variety has, and the spicy character is given by oleocanthal, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, naturally present on this kind of olive. Combined with a 80% of monounsaturated fats, this olive oil can be considered one of the healthiest you can find. Thought to give personality, to enhance the flavors on its own way, is perfect for dressing, working with a few elements. Really interesting for finishing warm dishes: all the green vegetable aromas (tomato, artichoke, grass) releases creating and spectacular effect. Its very particular hint and bitterness make it surprisingly suitable combined with sweets: chocolates, ice creams, mousse...

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lovely oil
rating 10
I was excited to try this Spanish Picual EVOO~Terra Callada. A lovely oil, clean, delicate with the right amount of pungency. Very balanced.
rating 10
Great EVOO
Answer: Thanks!
The best and the most expensive of the 3 oils
rating 7
Great taste, but more expensive than the other oils.
dip with bread
rating 10
bread + temprano = heaven
Tasty and the perfect gift
rating 10
Some friends who love EVOO recommended it to us and it has been a real discovery. On top of that, my children loved it!!! It is a very intense and green picual. very interesting product. Without a doubt, it will become a must in our kitchen. Although with such a beautiful design we do not exclude the possibility of giving a bottle to the family.
Rich and thick olive oil
rating 10
Rich and thick olive oil, harvested in october when the olives are still green. My favorite EVOO ever!
Ideal for a gift
rating 10
Ideal for a gift. The bottle is very elegant and the juice fascinates me.
Intenso y rico
rating 8
aceite intenso con un gran sabor
very tasty
rating 9
One of the tastiest oils I've ever tasted. Smooth and flavorful. Maybe a little bit expensive, but it's worth it.
Very green
rating 10
I didn't know olive oil could be that green, brilliant ????
Matchless olive oil
rating 10
It has a very rich flavor, I have tried other oils, but none like this, it is the second time I buy it and I will continue buying it, the food tastes much better with this oil. I recommend it to everybody. It has been a great success, I am delighted.
rating 10
nice EVOO
good but strong
rating 7
Smell: fantastic Taste: too strong for me
intense olive oil
rating 10
I already knew this brand, but I didn't got the chance to try temprano oil. I strongly recommend it if you love intense olive oil!
sabor intenso
rating 8

si te gusta el sabor intenso a oliva, este es tu aceite

loved it!!!!
rating 10
loved it!!!!
Aceite muy intenso
rating 10

Aceite muy intenso, para los que nos gusta de verdad el verdadero sabor del AOVE

great for finishings
rating 10
I love temprano for my finishings. Great olive, grassy aftertaste.
unbelievable oil
rating 10
The flavor it's just unbelievably good, this a must olive oil for certain recipies.
Best price for the quality
rating 8
Good oil to use raw, for salads, sandwiches, etc. Extra virgin olive oil, intense flavor. Good price for its quality
Strong oil
rating 8
It has a very intense olive taste, so it doesn't go well with all kind of foods but it has a great quality.

Temprano olive oil -...

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