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Temprano olive oil - Intense - 8.5 fl oz bottle

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Average rating: 9.4/10 Number of reviews: 14

Strong personality for an outstanding oil:

Intense, robust and complex extra virgin olive oil - Picual variety.

Healthy properties: high polyphenol (antioxidant) and oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory) content, plus 80% monounsaturated fats.

Perfect for dressing recipes with just a few ingredients. Amazing finishing warm dishes: pasta, meat, vegetables...

Cold extraction and early harvest in October from green olives.

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Temprano in Spanish means early. This EVOO is extracted from Picual olives harvested when the fruit is still green, normally the last days of October. Green notes and complex personality for a spectacular fruitiness: fresh, clean and bright. Its bitterness talks about the high levels of polyphenols picual variety has, and the spicy character is given by oleocanthal, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, naturally present on this kind of olive. Combined with a 80% of monounsaturated fats, this olive oil can be considered one of the healthiest you can find. Thought to give personality, to enhance the flavors on its own way, is perfect for dressing, working with a few elements. Really interesting for finishing warm dishes: all the green vegetable aromas (tomato, artichoke, grass) releases creating and spectacular effect. Its very particular hint and bitterness make it surprisingly suitable combined with sweets: chocolates, ice creams, mousse...

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Full of flavor
rating 10
Complex and intense taste. Wasn\'t exactly the type of olive oil I would fall in love at first taste, because I am more of a \"sweet\" person. But very soon I was amazed at the all-around taste and beautiful aroma it brings. Now is my go-to for almost everything.
Que gusto conocerles
rating 10

Compré este aceite en la jornada de puertas abiertas de la embajada y me he encantado. Cuando se acabe os seguiré comprando :)

strong oil
rating 5
A strong olive oil, not for everyone
An excellent oil from Spain
rating 10
I like olive oil for salads, meat, fish and to eat it just dipping bread. Like almost all Spanish olive oils and specifically from Ja
Just dip it
rating 10
I am pro-olive oil. It was a gift. Having breakfast with good toast with extra virgin olive oil is a delicacy. At home, sometimes as an appetizer we pour a good splash of extra virgin olive oil on a plate and dip with good bread. There are simple things that are priceless
satisfied with the purchase
rating 10
I have tried many quality olive oils and this is the best so far. It has a great flavor, very balanced and very pleasant to the palate. Very satisfied with the purchase. i will buy it again
wonderful taste
rating 9
wonderful taste
best one i've tried yet
rating 10
It's the best oil I've tried, its flavor is incredible and it has a spicy touch that makes the combination spectacular. I have tried Italian olive oil, which is a very good oil, but you just can't compared them with this one.
perfect for a gift
rating 10
Gorgeous bottle for a premium olive oil, perfect for a gift
Authentic oil
rating 10
Authentic oil, a must
Aceite muy intenso
rating 10

Aceite muy intenso, para los que nos gusta de verdad el verdadero sabor del AOVE

very green oil
rating 9
Didn't know an olive oil could be that green, I really recommend it.
Product meets my expectations
rating 9
This olive oil has a very tasty and balanced flavor and I love it for my salads! The product exactly meets my expectations that's so I give it a thumbs up!
Amazing product
rating 10
Best olive oil I ever had easily

Temprano olive oil -...

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