Arbequina olive oil - Delicate - 84.5 fl oz bag in box

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      Sweet and kind profile, suitable for all audiences

      Mild, fruity and elegant extra virgin olive oil - Arbequina variety

      Healthiest substitution instead butter in baking recipes, ads a hint of banana and apple

      Ideal on subtle and delicate recipes: dressing fish, elaborating a mayonnaise, soft cheeses, etc.

      Cold extraction and harvested in November from half green half ripe olives

      Bag in box: best format to preserve the aromas and properties of the olive oil

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      Bag in box format: perfect to preserve the aromas and properties of the olive oil. It is fully protected from light and oxidation (olive oil's two great enemies) thanks to its sealed foil pouch

      Extracted from arbequina olives collected when the olive is half way on the ripening process, usually through the month of November. Tierra Callada Arbequina has ripe and green character, resulting into a delicate medium intensity sweet oil. You will recognize immediately ripe banana, honey and apple when you smell it. In the mouth you can find a hint of green grass, and a really slightly spicy and even lees bitter. Keeping in mind this sweet and “kind” profile you can use it raw, give or take, in anything you want. Also, for cooking, the best option would be bakery as a healthy substitute of saturated fats (yes, talking about butter…). It gives that mild fruit flavor without any bitterness.

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      Convenient for refill
      rating 10
      This package makes it easy to refill the small bottle.
      rating 10
      Outstanding! Nothing compares with Tierra Callada/Modern Mills’ products
      Delicate and sweet oil
      rating 10
      Arbequina is my favorite extra virgin olive oil because of its delicacy and sweet flavor.
      Excellent quality and flavor
      rating 10
      Excellent quality and flavor, super tasty for both stews and salads, my favorite oil by far
      Aceite muy delicado y suave
      rating 8

      Aceite muy delicado y suave. La verdad es que combina con un montón de platos. En casa lo tenemos en este formato para rellenarnos una botella de crital con dispensador. Recomiendo probar eso sí antes las botellas pequeñas para ver su sabor, ya que hay algunos que les gustan aceites mas fuertes (envero y temprano) y a otros nos gustan mas discretos!

      very good
      rating 8
      We have enjoyed it very much and we plan to buy it again.
      Merece la pena el cambio
      rating 9

      Llevo varios años viviendo en NYC y siempre he comprado aceites españoles, aunque he tendido a ir por los baratos del supermercado. Cuando me recomendaron esta marca la verdad que me hs enamorado. Suelo hacer pedidos grandes eso sí para que me salga gratis el transporte, es la única pega que pondría.

      Not cheap but very good
      rating 10
      It is not a cheap product, but man, what a great surprise.
      Aceite con toques afrutados
      rating 10

      Aceite suave con toques sutiles afrutados. La verdad es que sirve para absolutamente todo. Viene en una caja para preservar mejor el aceite. Esta muy bien porque así cabe mas cantidad y sale mas económico.

      great oil
      rating 10
      Great olive oil!!!!
      ideal para muchas recetas
      rating 10
      Aceite de olivas de Arbequina de calidad. Nos encanta en casa para hummus, ensaladas o gazpachos.
      for my saladS!
      rating 10
      Finally I found a quality ''light'' olive oil for my healthy salads :)
      rating 8
      sweet and gente olive oil, will buy it again!
      good for dressing
      rating 9
      Aroma is just great. I use it mostly for dressing some plates.

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