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OUT OF STOCK - Envero olive oil - Versatile - 169 fl oz bag in box

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Premium "all in one" every day oil

Medium intensity extra virgin olive oil - Picual variety

Excellent finishing oil but also perfectly suitable for cooking due to high polyphenol (antioxidant) content, giving the oil great stability and performance at high temperatures

Cold extraction and harvested in November from half green half ripe olives

Silver award at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC)

Bag in box: best format to preserve the aromas and properties of the olive oil

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Bag in box format: perfect to preserve the aromas and properties of the olive oil. It is fully protected from light and oxidation (olive oil's two great enemies) thanks to its sealed foil pouch.

The name of the oil, Envero, refers to the period that takes place when the olive start to change color (from green to red) and ends when is fully ripe (black). Its bitterness talks about the high levels of polyphenols picual variety has, and the spicy character is given by oleocanthal, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, naturally present on this kind of olive. Combined with a 80% of monounsaturated fats, this olive oil can be considered one of the healthiest you can find. This EVOO, therefore, comes from Picual olives collected usually through the month of November. It keeps green character and add hints of ripe fruit, resulting into a balanced and medium intensity extra virgin olive oil.That makes it work for a wide range of finishing and raw uses: harmonizing any kind of salad, sauce, cold soup, but also perfectly fit to cook with it due to its great stability and resistance to high temperatures because of the peak level of antioxidants (polyphenols).

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rating 10
Amazing quality. Great taste. Wonderful on salads, over mozzarella, and most food in which you would use EVOL this will improve the dish.
Good quality. Ideal gift
rating 10
Good quality. Ideal gift
Slightlly bitter and spicy
rating 10
Slightlly bitter and spicy, just what a good extra virgin olive oil has to be
Genial envase
rating 10

envase muy útil para rellenar otras botellas, lo recomiendo una y mil veces!!!

Dietitian tip
rating 10
I wanted to be healthier and my dietitian recommended me to cook and use extra virgin olive oil for my food. I ended up finding this brand and it has changed my life, I encourage you to try it!
We use it for everything
rating 9
This is the olive oi we use for cooking all kind of foods (except deep frying that we don't do it at home). Just the best!
A must for your diet!!!
rating 10
A must for your diet!!!
Intense, bitter and spicy: perfect
rating 10
An excellent picua varietyl, with an intense smell and a mild, slightly bitter and spicy flavor. Ideal to taste it in its pure state. The truth is that it is a wonderful oil, which logically has to be paid
amazing discovery
rating 10
Olive oil from picual olives harvested in november in Spain, what an amazing discovery!!
High price and quality
rating 8
The price is what I liked the least, but it is already known that you have to pay for the quality. Supermarket olive oils are fine, but this Tierra Callada is on another level. I bought it for breakfast, and it's spectacular, it reminds me of my origin country (Italy). Balanced. Taste like few others. i will buy it again
Answer: Hello Sofia, thank you very much for your feedback. As you well explained, we are centered in producing a quality extra virgin olive oil. That is why our olives are harvested earlier than most common olive oils. Thus, the olives are greener and it has more healthy compounds and more taste.
Picual olive oil from Spain
rating 9
Extra virgin olive oil produced and collected in Spain, from one of the country's most rustic strains of Spanish origin, Picual, with a strong flavor, slightly spicy and bitter, has a nice green color. The bag in box protects the oil from oxidation. As a dispenser, it has a practical tap, perhaps it tends to leak a little sometimes.
Answer: Hello Sophia, thank you very much for your feedback. We recommend not to manipulate the bag in box too much, especially upside-down. We are happy you enjoyed the olive oil.
Aceite de calidad multiusos
rating 9

Aceite de calidad que usamos para absolutamente todo, desde el aliño de ensaladas, salsas, postres, a cocinado. El formato grande sale a cuenta, lo recomiendo porque si vas comprando de botella en botella acaba siendo más caro a la larga. Supongo que depende de la cantidad de aceite que uses, en mi casa desde luego lo gastamos muy rápido.

Healthier lifestyle
rating 10
I have been using this olive oil for a few years now and I have found an upgrade in my lifestyle. Foods cooked with this oil are tasty and healthy.
fantastic oil
rating 10
Very very good, there's nothing more to say
quality oil
rating 10
Magnificent oil, I will buy more
heavy but good
rating 7
It's a bit heavy, but everyone at home likes it

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